January 16, 2015

The Advantages of Renting Floor Scrubbers

It’s widely believed that a clean office is a productive office, making it critical for employers to ensure that a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule is in place. Fortunately, employers can acquire a device that takes mopping into a whole new level: the automatic floor scrubber.
This highly efficient tool can clean wide areas quickly through a water-jetting feature that applies the cleaning solution onto the floor while sturdy bristles scrub it clean. The question though is should employers rent or buy a floor scrubber? Here are the advantages of floor scrubber rental:

Access to high-performance machines

Floor scrubbers come in different types, and typically, the high-performance machines cost more than the standard ones. Companies which do not want to spend on such machines may resort to buying the standard ones. If these do not meet their needs however, they can opt to rent the high-performance equipment instead.

No maintenance worries

Even the most state-of-the-art floor cleaning equipment needs TLC too, something that busy workspaces may not be able to provide. By renting a floor scrubber, an office need not worry about maintenance.


A regular floor scrubber may work well for the office now, but what if the business expands and moves to a much larger space? By relying on rentals, the company can easily select the equipment that are suitable for their workspace.

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