December 16, 2014

Industrial Floor Cleaning Made Easy

Floor cleaning has got to be one of the most abhorred tasks in the world. As a business owner, however, there’s no way you can rid yourself of the responsibility of keeping your office floors clean. Then again, the chore doesn’t have to be that difficult to manage, both for your pocket and manpower. Depending on the floor types on your commercial property, here are the specific cleaning equipment you will need:

Pressure washers

If your business facility consists mainly of stone floors, such as concrete or granite, pressure washers are the best equipment to use. In particular, a trailer-mounted pressure washer that can carry up to 500 gallons of water will be ideal, as this type of equipment is flexible enough to handle a wide range of stone flooring varieties. Be careful not to use a pressure washer if your floors are mainly made of wood, vinyl, or carpet though.

Floor scrubbers

Floor scrubbers are suitable for non-carpeted floors. The latest floor scrubbers are capable of performing a multitude of tasks including sweeping, buffing, stripping, shampooing, and grinding. This type of equipment is ideal for stone, wood, tile, and other solid-surfaced floor types.


Sweepers are ideal for back lots, courtyards, halls, paths, storage areas, and workshops. Sweepers are naturally more efficient than a broom and are easier to handle, even in corners.

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