February 5, 2015

Why Good Floor Maintenance is Important

No matter how organized or technologically impressive a facility is, its appearance may be marred by dirty, scruffy floors. Keeping floors clean and spotless in workplaces and other commercial areas is very important because floors are among the first things customers, clients, and employees see, and could thus greatly influence their impression of the place and the company.

Dirty and improperly maintained floors can also cause accidents, such as trips and falls. In fact, 15% of accidental deaths in the industrial setting are caused by slips and falls on walking or working surfaces. By making sure the floors in your facility are clean and free of obstructing debris, accidents that could lead to injuries or worse may be prevented.

Industrial cleaning equipment is necessary to cover all the nooks and crannies in large commercial or industrial areas like factories, warehouses, and parking lots. Using traditional mops, brooms and buckets will not only be inefficient, but also ineffective, as they cannot provide the thorough cleaning that is needed to ensure the safety of those in the premises. Manual cleaning is also laborious and will only take up a lot of employee or contractor time.

Floors in these facilities see a lot of foot traffic every day, so keeping it constantly clean can be very challenging. Industrial grade janitorial equipment can help do the job efficiently and thoroughly.

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