February 11, 2015

Floor Scrubbers in Los Angeles Get Tough on Dirt and Grime

Anyone who deals with industrial environments can appreciate heavy-duty floor scrubbers in Los Angeles, which are used to clean floors in large commercial buildings and facilities. They are built tough to handle the mess associated even with the hardiest industries. The features discussed below make industrial floor scrubbers ideal for this type of environment. Coverage Heavy-duty floor scrubbers are great for cleaning large floor spaces. The average industrial floor scrubber is able to sweep through 30,000 to 40,000 square feet in a single hour. By comparison, standard models are typically capable of scrubbing only 3,200 to 13,000 square feet per hour.

February 9, 2015

Even Janitorial Equipment in Los Angeles Needs Pressure Washers

Heavy-duty cleaning tools such as high-pressure power washers and sweepers are some of the most valuable and versatile pieces of janitorial equipment in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Applications of these tools include the transportation, construction, food processing, agriculture, mining and livestock industries, among others. These machines have become necessary investments for business and industry. High-pressure washers help maintain other equipment If you own a sweeper, experts recommend buying a high-pressure washer to help maintain it. High-pressure washers are useful for clearing the sweeper’s exterior and interior of sticky debris and dirt. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the sweeper’s hopper can extend its life by as much as fifty percent. Also, a spotless, well-maintained piece of machinery projects a positive image for your company.

February 5, 2015

Why Good Floor Maintenance is Important

No matter how organized or technologically impressive a facility is, its appearance may be marred by dirty, scruffy floors. Keeping floors clean and spotless in workplaces and other commercial areas is very important because floors are among the first things customers, clients, and employees see, and could thus greatly influence their impression of the place and the company.

Dirty and improperly maintained floors can also cause accidents, such as trips and falls. In fact, 15% of accidental deaths in the industrial setting are caused by slips and falls on walking or working surfaces. By making sure the floors in your facility are clean and free of obstructing debris, accidents that could lead to injuries or worse may be prevented.