December 2, 2014

Planned Maintenance Stops Issues Before they Start

Cleaning machines malfunction or break down sooner or later for a variety of reasons. More often than not, they usually stop working sooner due to misuse or maltreatment. Business owners who fail to invest time, money, and energy to keep their floor cleaning equipment in good working order may end up making costly mistakes.

Proper use and maintenance

Using a piece of machinery the way it’s meant to be used isn’t likely to cause it to malfunction, but it doesn’t stop there. Equipment that is not properly cleaned after each use will definitely impact cleaning performance. Cleaning is essential because machines that accumulate dirt are prone to overheating.

Read the manual

If employees do not know how to perform routine maintenance on floor machines, the best advice for basic equipment maintenance usually comes from the machine’s manufacturer or distributor. Have them read the owner’s manual carefully. Other sources of information can be supplied by the provider’s technical support or by on-site visits from maintenance contractors.

Planned maintenance

Speaking of on-site visits, companies that supply cleaning machines do give clients the option of signing up for a planned maintenance agreement for a fee. Under the terms of the agreement, technicians will conduct regular visits to deliver janitorial equipment or provide training within the contract period.

Maintaining proper equipment use, cleanliness, comprehensive training, and planned maintenance visits from suppliers will help business owners get the most out of their investment while keeping their premises tidy.

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